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Overview of VRED

PI-VR is a company with registered offices in Berlin and Darmstadt, Germany. Within a short period of time PI-VR has become a leader in the market of virtual reality, and has set the new benchmark with its software VRED (Virtual Reality Editor). VRED is a complete solution for virtual prototyping and interactive multimedia solution. VRED provides semi-professional and professional users with an efficient functional package for the creation of Virtual Reality contents at the highest quality stage. The application areas range from fields like the Virtual prototyping, the PLM-(Product Lifecycle Management) and the PDM-exchange (Product Data Management), the marketing communication with configuration and equalization system up to multimedia installations.
As a software product of the next generation, VRED Professional offers more than a powerful alternative in the area of real time visualization. VRED Professional is a professional tool to quickly and realistically compile high-quality illustrations of CAD models within the shortest time. The user-friendly interface, innovative tools and the use of new technologies culminate in excellent results. Photo-realistic scenarios and interactive installations can be conceived, developed and be made accessible via several output devices. VRED Professional opens up new perspectives - especially for the area of engineering.

Modules of VRED Professional:

VRED Professional is modularly arranged in order to enable precise and individual configuration options for any field of application. All modules can be arranged individually. Each module includes various tools, which allow to completely cover special tasks. The integrated CAD converter module of VRED Professional supports reading, converting and tessellating various data files like Catia V4 & V5, IGES, Inventor and many more.
The variety of modules and the possibility of arranging them individually emphasize the versatility of VRED Professional: starting with tools for evaluation of surfaces, color management, tools for cutting and measurement, PLM-solutions (Product Lifecycle Management) and PDM-exchange (Product Data Management), via many extraordinary render modes, configuration- and adjustment systems up to multimedia installations. Main Modules of VRED Professional are including: VRED Professional, VRED CAD import, VRED Immersive, Analyzer Module, VRED Vserver, VRED Viewer, VRED Cluster.
VRED Professional is a leading software package for high-end, real-time visual simula-tion. It features photorealistic visualization of virtual prototypes based on 3d CAD data for product design, marketing and sales. The applications range from first design checks over color and material definition up to the production of images, movies and animations for print, film, web and other media.

The basic VRED Professional package includes:

Data import from .3ds, .csb, .fbx, .ma, .mb, .iv, .3dm, .slp, .stl, .wrl and .obj file formats;
A sophisticated scene graph for the organization of parts and assemblies including automatic optimization capabilities;
Real-time rendering in OpenGL, raytracing and global illumination mode;
True light shaders with predefined set-tings for most common materials;
A material library which is easily edible and extendable by the user;
Ambient occlusion calculation and real-time shadows;
Point lights, spot lights, directional light-ing, area lights and IES light profiles;
Post effects with glow and glare features;
Stereo projection in active & passive ste-reo, red/cyan, blue/yellow, green/purple and interlaced for 3d auto-stereoscopic devices;
An animation module including viewpoints, cameras with depth of field and motion blur, advanced curve editing, a clip maker and sequencer module Multi-level variants and variants sets;
A Ruler module;
Media output – images and movies, high resolutions in combination with high anti-aliasing in mono or stereo mode;
Render to layers incl. individual render passes (alpha, diffuse, gloss, specular etc.) for post-production and compositing;
A web interface for the remote operation of VRED Professional;
An API for the Python scripting language to automate processes, integrate and optimize workflows;

VRED CAD import

Parallel processing on multi-core CPU;
NURBS surfaces and tessellated data;
User-defined precision settings;
Optimized topology generation;
Automatic level-of-detail (LOD);
Userdefined elimination of group nodes, transformation nodes, material nodes etc;
Userdefined merging of geometries, groups, materials etc;

VRED Vserver

VRED Vserver is the leading technology for interactive, real-time product presentations on the internet. It features photorealistic visual simulation of digital prototypes and interactivity on standard browser software. The applications range from interactive product guides, configuration tools and flashy product promotions in the web to point-of-sales solutions for a dealership network. The real-time rendering Vserver technology makes your digital prototypes, setup with VRED Professional or VRED Photo, available as a completely interactive experience worldwide - with any standard web browser, no need for plug-ins to be installed.

VRED Viewer

VRED Viewer is designed as an easy to handle tool for viewing VR-Models created in VRED. All rendering and navigation options of VRED Professional are available to guarantee the familiar high-end visual simulation quality. VRED Viewer only allows the viewing of VRED datasets, it does not support any functionality to create or modify VR-scenes.

VRED Immersive

Stereo projection in active & passive stereo, red / cyan, blue / yellow, green / purple and interlaced for 3d auto- stereoscopic devices;
Support of multiple virtual reality interfaces like head mounted displays, cyber gloves, space mouse, space ball and a number of different tracking systems;
PC Cluster support: see VRED Cluster;
Supported OS: Windows XP (32 and 64bit) and Windows Vista (32 and 64bit);

VRED Cluster Server

VRED Cluster Server distributes render jobs to all available and licensed CPU in a cluster of PC and includes load balancing. The VRED Cluster technology boosts the render performance to achieve real-time interaction also for high-resolution and/or multiple projector set-ups – typically used for Powerwalls and CAVES. On top of VRED Cluster Server you can flexibly add any number of VRED Cluster Node Li-censes to achieve fully scalable render performance over any amount of available processors in the cluster. Each VRED Cluster Node License adds access to one additional CPU. The VRED Cluster technology enables interactive performance for the most complex VR-scenes at maximum resolution.