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Power Touch is a new type touch platform of Powerversion Company, which developed based on optical imaging techniques. This technology has many characteristics, such as shorter response time, more accurate touch accuracy, better clarity, larger screen support and so on. PowerTouch can provide projection type touch system or LCD type touch system according to the demands of customers, which can use in tabletop architecture or facade architecture. So customer can freely create touch solutions of their own.

Power Touch support various platform systems, can be widely used in:

Interactive advertising
Multimedia applications
Large-sized conference system
Info site and product catalogue system
Interactive education system
Command center system, etc

PowerTouch Technical Specialties:

Comparing with capacitance, resistance and outside line touch technologies, Power Touch has the following features:clearer images, euphotic rate above 92%
Larger screen size support, the biggest support 200 "screen
More wear resistance, damp resistance, pollution resistance
No drift correction, only one correction
Better touch precision
Faster response speed, response time 9 ~ 22 milliseconds
Better support desktop touching platform