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Interactive virtual assembly validation system receive and process signals from the tracking system, in order to realize digital virtual interaction with the users in immersive virtual assembly validation system, which can realize collaborative assembly and maintenance operations for 4 users, and can render multiple Angle of view according to the model and the movement of the user in the immersive virtual assembly validation system. In order to achieve the accordance of the HMD and monitor screen.
Can identify virtual assembly check immersion system in various data formats include CatPart, CGR, STP;
Contact force and gravity;
Accurate control precision to millimeter level;
Support four people tracking interaction;
Convert the digital human motion in the virtual assembly validation immersion system to physical model;
Convert digital human action to animation in real-time;
Using the whole body all-round tracking technology to synchronize digital human and operators;
Real-time computing contact interference;
Using data glove to achieve digital finger control;

System function includes:

Virtual assembly resources management, efficiently create virtual assembly environment;
Advance plan making and maintenance task process reading, assembly simulation according to the guidance of the process;
Assembly process simulation for assembling analysis, such as visibility, accessibility, by engineering analysis, assembly time, etc;
According to the result of assembling analysis, make comprehensive evaluation for assembling, and generate related reports;
Synergy to virtual assembly and virtual assembly process ,provide unified management of the various data and interaction;
Support the high-end equipment assembly digital prototype, the assembly facilities and equipment model, assembly tools and equipment, all kinds of percentile localization virtual human body model;
Implement five resources involved for system assembling ,the assembly facilities, assembly equipment, assembly tools, assembly equipment and assembly workers, call assembly task process files according to the actual assembly need, provide edit able assembly step tips according to the content of every virtual assembly step, until the end of the whole assembly task. The system can be used for Implement accessibility testing, visibility research assessment, human body engineering, environment simulation and collaborative work.