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CAVE display system

CAVE display system is the world's first system of virtual reality technology allows many people at the same time come into the same virtual environment. Today, the CAVE has become the most commonly used immersive spatial display system product of world visualization equipment. CAVE system is a kind of visual collaboration environment of cavernous projection based on multi-channel HD video synchronization technology and stereo display technology, the system can provide a four or five projection display space like the size of a room, for many people to participate in, all participants are immersed in an advanced virtual simulation environment which is completely surrounded by a perspective projection images, with the help of the corresponding virtual reality interactive devices (such as data glove and position tracking, etc.), to obtain a high-resolution three-dimensional images of immersive interactive experience. Because the screens can cover almost all of the user's field of view, so the CAVE display system can offer users an unprecedented shocking high telepresence.

I-Cone display system

I - Cone through the method of orthographic projection fusion cast on a 270 - degree Cone screen, actual visual size can be customized according to the site, conventional is 2.8 m high, the upper edge radius is 3.3 m, the bottom radius is 3.05 m, and the bottom of Cone Angle is 5 degrees. Because of the cast method, CAVE provides more space for users to participate; it can accommodate a greater number of people. Because I - Cone has Cone Angle, when users walk closely to the screen, the image of the bottom screen will cover users’ vertical visual field, and I - Cone is consists of a whole piece of screen, in the horizontal and vertical direction there were no juncture, compared with the CAVE user will experience better immersive feelings and picture quality. Because of I - Cone uses Cone screen, it can provide multiple viewpoints for different users to work together.

HMD display system
Performance indicators

Dual input HD (1920 * 1080), an SXGA (1280 * 1024), the resolution reflection FLCOS head-mounted displays, suitable for high virtual reality applications, 60 degrees diagonal visual field, IPD adjustment (52.74 mm);
Dual HD(1920*1080),SXGA(1280*1024)resolution reflective FLCOS displays ;
Vision field of 60 degrees diagonal (100% overlap);
Resolution: input 1920 * 1024 * 1080/1280 60 Hz;
Contrast: 200:1 ;
Display color: 24 ;
Display type: FLCOS (reflective);
Stereo effect: 3D;
Adjustable brightness and contrast;
PD: IPD adjustable (52-74 - mm);
Dual ratchet head tenia, ensure the safety and comfort;
High-fidelity closed stereo headphones;