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Virtual display system is based on computer real-time visualization technology, and establishes the digital AutoMobile prototypes in the context of a specific build lifelike audio and visual virtual environments, for review, analysis and simulation of car styling design, virtual assembly and virtual manufacturing system. Interaction with large-screen projection system and the necessary equipment, high quality images with the best "live" show full-size car to participant. Through the interactive and impact virtual environment, the system generate the "immersed" experience, which is equivalent to real-world. The system achieves the objective of communication, resulting in faster design speeds, guaranteeing the tracking of design quality, reliability and judgment.

Application of the virtual reality system

Solution review: high quality effects, rendering, and animation, 1: 1 solution presentations and multimedia presentations. Design review: 3d virtual model to 1:1 ratio presentations, overall design, quality of surface, body exterior surfaces joints, high light, colors and textures, interior space analysis, color and fabric analysis. Engineering Design review: interference inspection, clearance inspection, motion simulation, analysis of the driver’s field of view, man-machine engineering analysis, analysis of disassembly and assembly of parts.


Rear projection system with HD projector and the high resolution display, the whole picture has high brightness, color and contrast has high uniformity. Therefore the whole picture has high quality. Flat screen with physical properties of non-symmetry perspective, can effectively match auto body 1:1 full size without distortion, suitable for close range watching and measurements, minimal light interruption, with big view angle, can show wide scene, and is available to accommodate more than one person to watch reviews.

Folded screen

4-5 flat screen combination, projection screen will be covering front, left and bottom of the observer's field of view. With interactive devices, CAVE Systems can provide users with a high immersive experience. Especially in cockpit design, it will provide observers with meter components set and the most realistic virtual vision of the correct position of the left and right door. For automotive interior virtual review works best.


Compared with Power Wall, the main difference is the folded screens are made of two or above Power Wall systems; the size of the screen can be identical or different. In order to consider the consistency of view, generally based on identical size. Multi-screens appears when the review was focused on increased demand of reviewing the huge information simultaneously, three folded screens are most common. This application can be reviewed in the following environment: see vehicle head, body and tail at same time; see three groups of scenarios (including full size or omnidirectional); Comparing three different models at same time (including the same brand in different platforms, or different brands in the same platform); Reviewing the sketch, model and rendering model at the same time. By folded-screen-display and large amounts of information, the review transformed from the single image, single mode into a multiple-image mode, which would considerably change the review mode to enhance the review efficiency and quality.