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Virtual real-time monitoring platform

PowerVision with 3D data design as the core goes deep to different corporative customers, does comprehensive and all-side plans for the customers in order to achieve better and effective content display services, which includes: corporate image planning and production of the propaganda, designs, planning and productions of the new product performance. Customers through our professional overall planning service will get:

Special Expressive

The traditional filming is often limited by many factors, such as time, space, and cost, etc. 3D technology can realistically simulate the real environment or create scenes and events which regular shooting cannot achieve. From the microscopic world to macroscopic world, from real space to imagery space, 3D visualization technology can do all of them well.

Clear instructions

Building a virtual environment to simplify the complex systems in real world and intuitive, is often the quickest way to solve the problem.3D technology can help us to transmit information in the experiences which is difficult to explain; With interactive features, and vitality given to the image, it can make the image to generate "dialogue" with people and communication in a simple interactive way, it can always make abstract and complicated concepts easy to understand.

Reveal the charisma of personality

In this era, homogeneity are everywhere, for an individual itself and its design, "differentiation" means half of success. While traditional shots and audience has been kept confrontation about audio and visual fatigue. The emergence of 3D technology has brought a new creative way, to help product design that makes users feel everything new and fresh.


Virtual visualization service is mainly based on VRED modelling software development platform, to build a real-time, high efficiency, high quality virtual display environment, using the comprehensive methods such as image and sound, shows the characters and advantages of the products, to give the audience a different intuitive understanding and cognition of enterprise culture, also the new design of products. It will show the various states and characteristics of new products design and its interactive ways, it will alos prepare the reasonable path and process, and put forward the suitable product display plan for enterprise. According to the practical application needs of users, to adjust, innovate, and create 3D immersive display and interaction. The finished content can be displayed in different platforms (desktop, PowerWall act, annulus, column, CAVE, I - Cone, etc.), and we will also do wall the debugging and testing in the system environment provided by users, to ensure that the developed system can achive full display effect. Services include:

CAD Data Processing and Application
Product Appearance Demonstration
Product Performance Demonstration and Planning

CAD data processing: according to the original data of newly designed products, based on the existing design tools of users, make different layers for the converted data, and make reasonable simplification and LOD Settings, make sure all the data can be used smoothly in the system;
Material effects: provides proper material and shadows calculation for all parts, makes display content with high sense of reality;
Assistant environment and additional mathematical model: produce overall application environment which contains product applications, and can realize the switch between scenes. Provide additional models that need to be applied in the system, in order to complete the whole demo;
Animation processing and script implementation: planning and producing animation content show script, according to the different platforms of display systems, set the camera and the various display perspectives, the whole picture has a strong sense of advanced technology, smoothly links the normal shots and slow motion, to ensure that the final result can show components and their functions of new product design, and also all the performance and parameters of the products;
Audio and commentary editing: integrate and edit sound and commentary according to the requirements of the system, implements synchronization with the system, achieve the desired effect for users;
Configuration of file and functional test: based on the file format which the customers confirmed that they can play, make sure that the display content can be used perfectly on users’ display systems; Provide interactive 3D model demonstration function of new design products; it can display the product designs in different perspectives interactively;

Advantages in company advertising video planning and producing

Vivid and effective: using video, audio at the same time, the visual image is fascinating, and having a much better effect compare to the traditional model of propaganda;
Long lasting time: every second, all over the world can view through the network; break through the geographical constraints, thus reducing operating costs;
Convenient and effective : put it online or make it into VCD, DVD, or E-mail to send, easy to carry, exchange, or copy, can also be mailed to the client, so as to replace traditional salesman, faster and more convenient, more cost savings;
Comprehensive systematically introduce the company's technology, products and ideas, set up a good enterprise image. Reveal enterprise strength; make the enterprise stand out from the crowd;

VR content production

Data transformation: Data transformation based on the original data of 3D design model from users(hundreds of thousands of parts);
Data hierarchy: Do data hierarchy on basis of processed data, to make it prepared for the following assignment of material and animation design;
Normal adjustment of data: Do normal adjustments of all the components base on the processed data;
LOD Settings: Do LOD designs on the processed data;
Data segmentation and optimization: Do segmentation and optimization design on the processed data;
Combile:combining all of the data components;
Shadow: shadow calculation on the existing data;
Material: Apply the material for all the parts;
Animation: camera design, configuration design, and so on;
Rendering output: Layer the file and render the data from different channels , make all the data prepared for later steps;
Special effects: make special effects like explosion, fluid, and so on according to the user’s requirements;
Post-synthesis: use the layered file to generate the final synthesis effect;