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Virtual display system utilizes a computer real-time visualization technology as the core, to establish the virtual digital model car, in a specific range to generate realistic visual virtual environment, for automobile modeling design review, analysis and Simulation of virtual assembly and virtual manufacturing and application system. With the aid of large screen projection and necessary communication equipment, car to full size, high quality image information and the best" Scene" show participants, in a natural way and virtual environment in automobile design results are interaction and influence, produce" immersed" in truth environmental feeling and experience. The exchange and communication purposes, so as to accelerate the design speed, security and reliability of design quality tracking and judgment.

Virtual reality system application:

Plan is revealed:the production of high-quality renderings, rendering and animation, plane 1: 1 demonstration projects, project demonstration and multimedia presentation.
Design review: 3D virtual model of 1 : 1 scale display, overall design, surface quality, the outer surface of the body joints, high light, color and material, the space inside the car is analysis, color and fabric analysis.
Engineering design review:interference inspection, clearance test, simulation of mechanism motion, driver vision analysis, ergonomics analysis, parts of the assembly and disassembly analysis.

"4K" high resolution system:

Single projector ultra high resolution 4096 * 2160 replaced the traditional fusion system. There is no more than one projection system between the brightness, color consistency and brings the system problem.

Tri-Folded screen system

Tri-Folded screen system is the use of three screens at 135 DEG or other point of the system, is used in the automotive industry to design professional review show.

Aerospace solutions:

Virtual reality system in aerospace are applied to the analysis of man-machine engineering, digital prototype display, virtual assembly analysis, virtual assembly and disassembly, repair and maintenance training, make full use of CAD data are displayed and co-ordination between various departments work. It provides an operational, virtual interaction and auxiliary decision and design of coordination platform. Through the VRED and other related software of high quality rendering, realistic model of reality, and the operator can close to the real environment and virtual real-time interactive mode, the digital prototype project coordination and validation, experience design, man-machine engineering and maintenance of research techniques, has the characteristics of the formation of virtual simulation and display environment. In the virtual reality system of digital prototype of the design, analysis and simulation, collision detection, maintenance research, moving mechanism simulation, ergonomics and other multidisciplinary, professional engineering and technology research and application of distributed virtual environment.