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PowerVision dedicated to provide customer one-stop visualization solutions, reach the seamless docking between hardware integration and software service. Until now, PowerVision has created an experienced technical development team in terms of GIS visualization, monitoring visualization, multipoint interactive visualization, the technical ability cover the field of C++, C# WPF, Flash, ARCGIS, Google Earth, etc.
PowerVision successfully develop in energy and transportation industry a set of large projection screen joint of ultra-high resolution function software, which get rid of the traditional inconveniences such as the switch problems among multiple windows, functions underuse, complicated subsystem management through combining GIS visualization and monitoring visualization, get highly appraise in the field.
PowerVision use multipoint interactive visualization development technology, combined with its own PowerTouch multipoint touch products, in the manufacturing, exhibition industry and the energy industry, for many customers create multipoint interactive system of their own, enrich customers the interactive exhibition effect in the industry.

PowerVision custom service process

Presales communication
Detailed demand analysis
Demand function display
Software process design
Development plan submit
Regular progress review
System acceptance submit
Follow-up service