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System features

VR application virtualization,Real-time monitoring,Data analysis support,Virtual models analysis .
The system integrats pioneer technology of virtual reality industry, and simulate overall 3-D model for each transmission equipment of transformer substation, then combine real-time monitoring data and online video data, so user can monitor whole substation, virtual reality scene and real-time video data of equipments timely. The system provides the strong support for the substation automation, and analysis of substation equipment.

Intelligent computer-aided monitoring platform

Comparison of multi-system data at same time,Equipment status evaluation and prediction,Types of data analysis,Geographic information system and equipment monitoring.
System using multi-layer architecture, and coupled data structure that logic layer separates from the application, hence system has good scalability. System is suitable for substation equipments, transmission lines, condition assessment, meteorological warning and other power- grid-related data, the user will improve the working efficiency through this system.

Decision support and monitoring platform

Power grid status monitoring,Power grid operation analysis,Monitor maintenance platform,Emergency rescue.
System’s core technology is GIS, from view of equipment checking and fixing, integrating the working procedure to the system. According to local grid operation load and meteorological analysis data, the system can real-time monitor equipment operation status, and provide decision analysis for emergency repairing work. Hence the system achieves smart management purpose.

Application of new energy platform

Scene simulation of smart park,Real-time monitoring of new energy,Micro-grid process monitoring and simulation,Prediction of energy saving and load statistics.
System combined latest visualization development technology with 3-D model, animation and scene. It show the key features of next generation smart grid and the new energy such as: electricity information collection, distribution automation, photovoltaic power generation, electric vehicle charging management, smart home service, smart security conference etc. It improves the application of clean energy and smart grid.

Power quality monitoring platform for data analysis

GIS information integration, Regional statistical analysis,Professional data analysis, Real-time monitoring and alarming.
This system focus on comprehensive 3d data display, multidimensional data comparison, comprehensive quality evaluation system for professional intelligent control center. It mainly addresses the problems like islands of information, curves blur, the data is not comprehensive enough and so on, enhance the efficiency of control center.

Multi-touch application platform

Convenient operation,Advanced graphics application interfaces,It’s a good platform for the introduction of the advanced technology and visualization software.
Multi-touch application platform allows multi-touch or multi-users in the same interface, rather than the keyboard and mouse, and let operation much more convenient. According to different customer needs, we offer customized development with different graphical interfaces.