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For users, the solution of the system architecture is very important for a large project development, an imperfect system architecture, will lead to system construction difficulties, poor maintainability and upgrade cost, at the same time, due to multiple manufacturers, the systems will have different styles for each part, different systems have different focus point, it is difficult to fully show the advancement and practicability of power grid system, the flexibility and stability of the system will drop, the potential fault will increase, which will be a threat to the future system maintenance.
A perfect system architecture, will intensively analysis the nature of project and system changes, to understand the core of the project, have a good understanding of the relationship between internal and external. Add intelligent factors to the process and operation mode, forming a perfect intelligent visualization system solutions.
PowerVision, adhering to the "customers first" concept, is committed to the power industry users with creative design, film and television production, hardware integration, software development and virtual training solutions for the integration of intelligent visualization system, make users truly satisfied.

Visual creative design

Different system has different display requirements and goals needed to be achieved. PowerVision owns a professional visual creative design team; they can provide in-depth analysis for customer needs, and the character of the show to a full range of design, provide image support analysis in a dynamic and interesting way.

Film and television

For visualization system mainly focused on exhibition and shows, proficient in multimedia film and television production is needed; they should be skilled at professional 3D scene modeling, and basic content production. PowerVision has a professional production team, which are professional people at two-dimensional platform design, 3D scene modeling, video shooting, video editing, animation, etc. They are experienced in implementation of the related media propaganda materials and short film making.

Hardware integration for visualization systems

Hardware integration is one of the most important part of the visual system, PowerVision research and develop integrated visualization large screen system, PowerVision’s business includes integrated system planning, appropriate technology combination, abundant supports, visual effects, comprehensive technological design, PowerVision’s goal is to provide customers with broad vision, authentic, highly immersion visual experience, which accords with the concept of electric power industry:” Informationization, intellectualized, visualization and humanization”

Visualization software development

PowerVision has been successfully developed several software platforms related to the power industry with independent intellectual property rights, PowerVision is experienced in visual system development for data display, data mining, can provide strong support for the customers to achieve the realization of the smart grid visualization. Based on PowerVision's existing core visual display platform, PowerVision’s visualization display software has some special features like: display interface customization, system deployment, and elegant display effect etc.

Visualization virtual training

PowerVision has been cooperate with the customers form electric power industry for many years, PowerVision is good at combining the characteristics of training and requirements of the electric power industry in China, PowerVision has developed a set of real-time interactive training simulation system with great concentration and high maneuverability.
Using virtual reality and real-time interactive technology in training simulation, it can make learning and practicing feel like in the real environment; it can not only improve the training efficiency, but also lower the cost of internship.