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Electric power industry is the pillar industry and the base of the national product. Safe and steady operation of electric system plays an extremely important role of the entire country's stable development. At the same time, with the development of electric industry and the concept of "building strong electric power grid" goes deep, the society’s requirements for electric power supply reliability are getting higher and higher. How to strengthen the stability of the electric power equipment operation, how to increase the maintenance efficiency of equipment maintenance personnel, and how to reduce the wrong operation of electric power system operation personnel, answers to those questions has become the key points for the electric power enterprise to reduce risk. All the contents above have a very close relationship with training for electric system. Although training is very important in electric power system, at present, almost all of the training is confined to the traditional way. An experienced master worker shall teach several new guys all by his experiences; they won’t have much practice chances, and cannot combine the theory and practice together. This training mode obviously can't satisfy the rapid development of electric power system. Under this situation, PowerVision introduced a special virtual training system for the electric power industry in domestic.

System Application Features

Relying on the accumulated experience from serving for the electric power industry for many years, PowerVision combines the characteristics and requirements of training for the electric power industry in China with great concentration, PowerVision developed a set of real-time interactive system with high simulation, high maneuverability and clear training purpose. Its development is based on the features of virtual reality simulation and real-time interactive, which can make students feel like in the real scene when learning and practicing, not only improve the training efficiency, but also lower the cost of internship, and it is a great innovation of training mode in electric power system field.
Through effective combination of 3D model with two-dimensional information, people can manage equipment more intuitively; implement training with informatization and 3D visualization. At the same time using 3D simulation technology and virtual reality technology to simulate emergency situations and process, in order to implement maintenance operation training, contingency drills, and other functions. The practice of the modeling, characters, events, simulation makes the training more close to reality. While reducing the training costs, it also reduces the risk of the real training and improves the training efficiency.
Training content is very plentiful and can be customized according to customer demands; it can also realize repeated multiple practices, and can do difficult and high risk practices in real projects.

Virtual subsystem for substation inspection

In order to ensure the safe and stable operation of transformer substation, it is very important to do reliable training and make the training close to the actual operation situation of the transformer substation. But most of the current training systems are based on written materials, 2D graphic; the interpretation of 2D circuit connection diagrams, there is almost no simulation, it is unable to realistically simulate the real-time interaction with the devices, or a checking process of the correct route in the substation. Training efficiency is quite low.
Virtual subsystem for substation inspection introduced by PowerVision solves the problem. Through the three-dimensional modeling technology, we build transformer substations, equipment, and personnel in the proportion of 1:1 with physical modeling, and combine them with today's most advanced virtual reality technology, giving the students a highly simulated realistic 3D virtual substation. And in this system, we also add device status changes, to define different kinds of inspection behaviors of the virtual inspection personnel. With increased "immersive feeling", make the trainee can complete the equipment inspection, pour brake operation, in the three dimensional scene, and greatly improves the efficiency of training.

Virtual practice subsystem of equipment disassembly and assembly

Virtual practice subsystem of equipment disassembly and assembly is realized base on virtual reality technology.
The system can realize complete dismantling of electric power equipment in the virtual environment for trainees to study, make it possible for trainees to master the structure of the electric power equipment, disassembly sequence and other knowledge, provide the necessary preparations and supplement to practical activities, and then strengthen the trainees ’awareness of the practice knowledge. Let the trainee have a deep digestion and understanding of relevant theoretical knowledge and improve the efficiency of training. It will provide a great help to trainees' thinking ability, practical ability, innovation ability and engineering consciousness. At the same time, the electric power equipment has the features of high risk and high cost, with this subsystem, it can greatly reduce the loss of life and property due to incorrect operation of the trainees.

Virtual subsystem for accident emergency response

The discovery of electricity and current, greatly changed people's way of life and accelerated the modernization of the world industry. Due to the close connection of modern society and the electricity; electricity has great influence on the various parts of the social activities and people's life. Therefore, the stable operation of electric power system directly affects the whole society, electricity, will have a significant impact on economic and political. So to prevent the risk of accidents and reduce the influence of electric power on the national production and living, the relevant departments and leaders are given great attention. The electric power training system, strives to enhance team ability of emergency response through the daily system training.
The goals of Virtual subsystem for accident emergency response introduced by PowerVision is to strengthen the comprehensive quality of workers in electric power system accident, the system virtually reappear several kinds of major accidents through virtual reality technology, combines different duty settings, and arrange the standardized way for repair. Let the trainees to learn correct repair in virtual events, in order to achieve better and more effective training.