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DLP splicing wall is made up by multiple rear projection display units, currently the main size in the market is 50 inches, 60 inches and 67 inches. Along with the growing demand of users for large screen size, bigger size will be developed and installed. A projector is set inside each display unit, after reflection the image will be projected on the screen.
Principle of DLP projection technology (LED) : DLP projector uses digital micro mirror device DMD as light valve imaging device, adopting digital light processing (DLP) video signal, to drive DMD optical path system. Through the projection lens ,the images are showed on the big screen.
Principle of DLP projection technology (laser) : The laser light source uses only one set of blue laser, using multicolor phosphor wheel rotation to effectively solve the problem of the thermal quenching and cooling for phosphor, thus enables phosphor work stablely under the condition of excitation light. Red, green and blue lights are produced; At the same time, using multicolor phosphor wheel rotation to realize multiple colors generation at different time, and finally realizes the light output.
LED and laser light source technology is the most revolutionary breakthrough in recent years. Compare with the traditional light source, LED and laser light source advantage is quite obvious. These two kinds of light source will have 50000 hours of life, almost no need to replace lamps; it will provide more than 150% of the color gamut ,higher color saturation, better color performance and better image quality. Compared with traditional DLP screen, its’ advantages are as follows:

Long lamp live

DLP splicing screen commonly use UHP lamp, its’ life will be about 3000-6000 hours, a UHP lamp cost thousands of RMB, it has become the biggest consumable maintenance supplies. LED and laser light source usually has more than 50000 hours of life time, that makes the DLP splicing screen almost a lifetime product without lamp replacement, which will be a big saving to the system cost.

Wide colour gamut

LED and laser light source has a wider Color gamut, higher Color saturation, better Color performance, which brings more excellent image quality, this is the best Color technology since Brilliant Color, and it is another big progress of Color for DLP projection.

No color wheel

In the DLP projector with traditional light source, the color wheel is relatively easy to damage and affect the whole life of the parts, which will also generate a certain amount of noise. By using the RGB LED light source, DLP projector can work without color wheel, it will leads to noise reduction, and life time improvement.
In addition, these two kinds of light source has the advantages of low power consumption, low heat emitting, it will also help the DLP splicing screen to keep brightness and contrast consistency.