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Christie mirage USES a complex computer/stereo display solutions, to provide an artificial reality environment, bring the participants into a 3D space.3D and VR application can be introduced into the computer aided design (CAD) in the drawing/design, also can be used to simulate the environment of the real world. Users can watch the screen from different angles; experience a complete immersion simulation effect. Through CAVE and "immersed theatre" or "immersed wall" (flat or curved surface screen, complete coverage observer sight) can get make a person feel immersive,like the real world .
Christie Mirage high-performance visual display solution is applicable to all kinds of virtual reality, advanced visualization display and computer simulation in the following fields:
Biological Materials
Design and manufacture
Education and Research
Homeland security
visual models
Many of today's industry leading companies, government departments, agencies, and education institutions depends on the display solution of Christie. These large organizations rely on the innovation of the technology and solution of Christie to develop special reliable and effective solutions, to meet the most stringent requirements. Christie products are very reliable, stable performance, once integrated into your application; it will continue to run steadily.

Christie Mirage series

To measure the effect of the simulation solution of factors, not only display, the image quality is also important。If the world's leading technologiesare used in the entire solution, this is an absolute advantage.
The Christie Mirage Series offers the broadest range of 3-chip 3D active stereo projection in either a single projector, or a multi-projector array.
The first purpose-built stereoscopic projectors, this series represents the most installed 3D projectors in the world. Brightness ranges from 3000 to 18,000 ANSI lumens. SXGA+, HD and the latest WUXGA models are designed specifically for use in a variety of 3D applications for all types of immersive environments including cubes or CAVE-like systems and curved or flat screen power walls.
Christie Mirage series have the key features like :Highest reliability, high brightness, good color and brightness uniformity, low maintenance cost and easy to control etc., the most widely used 3D projector in the world. Christie projector has some built-in function like geometric distortion and edge fusion,these proprietary special performance can satisfy the strict requirements of advanced visualization display applications.
A complete set of specially designed high contrast lens (used to enhance contrast), an optional input module, installation system and customizable structure, networking ability, and other attributes, can provide the flexibility needed to user's special requirements.
high reliability
Featuring high-quality DLP® technology, the Christie Mirage Series is highly reliable, delivers high brightness and unsurpassed color, brightness uniformity and control capabilities.
As well, this proven digital technology is low maintenance with greater than 650,000 hours Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF).
The Christie Mirage Series projectors are illuminated by Xenon lamps. They deliver superior image quality and the ability to color-match multiple projectors for extremely bright, color rich, uniform images – whether multiple projectors on a single screen, or multiple screen displays.
Operation/maintenance cost
Lower power consumption, less lamp change, less downtime and convenient Settings, All those features greatly reduces the cost of ownership, improve the return on investment.
A user-friendly Graphic User Interface (GUI) makes operation and set-up of the entire Christie Mirage Series uncomplicated. The GUI enables full and easy control of the projector.
Motorized lens functions provide power focus, zoom, horizontal and vertical offset – all at the touch of a button. Auto set-up recognizes sources and sets correct brightness, contrast and position.
Operation and maintenance of the Christie Mirage Series is easy as well. Quick internal access with 1/4-turn screws, a quick-change ballast(less than 15 mins), a removable image processing module,field-alignable DMDs and a cleanable optical engine, puts full control in the hands of the user. Replacement lamp costs are low and Christie offers the best warranties on the market.
key features
Super CR contrast ratio:
With the internal variable contrast aperture, contrast ratios range from 1500-5000:1 for vivid, dynamic image reproduction and low black levels for accurate night-scenery mode.
Digital Color Management(DCMTM)
The Christie Matrix Series comes standard with a specially designed optical system with a very tight ± 5nm tolerance for primary colors, making multi-channel adjustments between multiple projectors easy to accomplish.
Color Temperature Control(CTCTM )
Provides the flexibility to adjust color temperature with a range from 3200K – 9300K.
Custom Gamma Adjustment(CGA™)
Offers full control of gamma curves, as well as white, black and grey levels to ensure digitally accurate colors and greyscale tracking.
Primary colors adjustment(PCATM)
Provides individual RGB color matching for multi-channel applications to eliminate color variations across multiple screens for uniform, color-matched projector arrays.
Spatial Light Image Construction(SLICTM)
The Christie Matrix Series manufacturing ensures high-quality convergence and registration between red, green and blue DMDs.
Provides users with the ability to adjust power to the lamps for a consistent and uniform brightness, to monitor and manage the lamp operation in the display. Brightness adjustments can be made from center to edge across the image up to 100% uniformity.