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PPR (Power Pixel Router) is a leading high-end image processing equipment, it could easily build real-time seamless high-resolution large-screen display system, the system support the image geometric correction, and perfectly support for flat screen, cylindrical screen and spherical screen. PPR (Power Pixel Router) makes the image signal of external computer or graphics workstation to output, through its internal image processing card for a particular image processing (such as geometric correction, edge-blending), and then output the image to the projector. As the multi-channel projection systems are independent of each projector, there would be gaps between projector cast images. PPR multi-edge fusion approachs to solving this problem, and ultimately generates a complete seamless multi-channel mosaic image.

Technical Features of Industry-leading

the integration of any combination of multi-channel display technology
the world's leading technology of arbitrary surface geometry correction
Support multi-channel real-time parallel processing
Support a variety of high-definition real-time input acquisition

Unparalleled image quality

PPR supports high-definition image pixels, each channel can handle different types of video input signals up to WUXGA (1920 * 1200) pixels HD resolution images, image output showing excellent.

Multi-channel real-time parallel processing

PPR uses advanced multi-bus high-speed digital signal parallel processing system, each input channel is assigned a single process model and data bus, all the modules working in parallel, the system's processing speed of each channel is fixed, the processing speed nothing to do with the numbers of channel. Currently, one PPR can handle up to seven channels of real-time image signal, no dropping frames, no delay.

Perfect 3D HD signal support

PPR fully supports active or passive 3D HD signal, multi-channel real-time parallel processing without any delay.

A variety of modes to choose

PPR supports multiple video formats XGA, XGA plus, SXGA, SXGA plus, UXGA, UXGA plus, UXGA vpi, WUXGA, according to the actual signal for different choices.

Safety, environmental protection, low noise

PPR uses all-environmentally friendly materials, relatively low power consumption, noise very small, very environmentally friendly.


Physical properties
Size :426.5mm*177MM*451mm(W*H*D)
Weight :12kg
Operating environment
Temperature :5℃—40℃
Humidity :20%—90%,Non-condensing
Elevation < 3000m
Power supply
Requirements :100—240V AC+/-10%, 50/60Hz
Power 450W(7 channels)
UPS IEEE STD 587 cat. A 6KV
Input and output interfaces
Signal RGB or DVI-I
Interface :DVI-D
Color Adjustment - Color Space
RGB:can be adjusted to a range of RGB
Space:the basic color calibration on 3 * 3 matrix
Signal analysis
the analysis of various parameters detailed list of the source signal amplitude and the synchronization